New Automation Software Developed and Implemented Remotely to Update Offshore Control System to Meet Demands of Added Wells and Devices

Need & Challenge

Over the last 14 years, the Perdido Master Control Station (MCS) underwent several control automation enhancements including well additions, subsea leak detection and advanced, custom technology implementation.
With all of this work, the Perdido control systems hardware, subsea communication network, and integrated SCADA systems were all being continuously challenged by the Automation level required.
  • Project: Master Control Station
  • Location: GOM – Offshore Perdido
  • Market(s): Upstream

Solution & Outcome

W-Industries was awarded the Subsea Automation Controls Contract for the Subsea Master Control Stations (MCS), Electric Power Unit (EPU) and LCS Control Systems from FEED in 2006 to commissioning in 2009. The system was updated (both hardware and software) in 2019 to allow for Secure Remote Access (SRA) to both the offshore control system and W-maintained digital twin, test bed. Testing in W’s lab and installation offshore took place via a remote connection for complete software deployment for the MCS, DCS, Wonderware, and FSS to the offshore system.
Tested Remotely:
This was the first project to 99% FAT testing remotely.
Utilized Automated Testing Tool:
It was the first MCS-DCS development to utilize the Automated Testing Tool.
Automated Tedious/Repeating Tasks:
The tool automates tedious/repeating tasks in FAT that ultimately reduced testing time by 6 weeks and dropped overall project cost (18% reduction).