Transportable IWOCS Operator Cabin

Need & Challenge

A major exploration and production operator needed an offshore container to house the IOWCS Controls Workover Test Unit and Remote Operator Station in an ATEX Zone 1 environment.
The cabin had to be easily transportable and able to ship to various places around the world to maximize redundancy.
  • Project: IOWCS Offshore Operator Cabin
  • Location: Houston, Texas to Ghana
  • Market(s): Upstream

Solution & Outcome

W-Industries designed a skid to fit the dimensions of a 20ft. transportation freight container. The skid was designed to meet SOLAS A60 fire protection and USCG regulations, including a fire/gas system & purge air system for ATEX Zone 1. A dual-layer protection ensured maximum uptime.
Produced an Easily Transportable Operator Cabin:
W-Industries produced an easily transportable operator cabin that can be stored just like any other freight container.
Meets Safe Operating Requirements for an ATEX Zone 1 Environment:
The single container meets SOLAS A60, USCG and ATEX Zone 1 Hazardous Area requirements in harsh and challenging environments.